• Breakfast
  • Stone Fruit Pancakes

    Stone Berry Pancakes 20160706 (9)

    Tweet0Pin0Share0Share0Tumble0Share0“Like sweet starbursts waiting to explode.” Sometimes it’s not always about how made-from-scratch a dish is. Sometimes it’s just about enjoying simplicity. In other words, sometimes it’s perfectly OK to cheat. How does that work? Ask 5 persons how they would make a pancake and you’ll get 6 answers. (See how that’s cheating? That was a spin-off […]

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  • “Dragon’s Eye” Cabbage and Eggplant

    Cabbage Eggplant delight

    Tweet0Pin0Share0Share0Tumble0Share0Let your imagination soar with this unique visual treat. Never give up and good luck will find you. ~ Falkor, ‘The Neverending Story’ My love for fantasy began early. As a child, one of my favourite movies was ‘The Neverending Story’. It was a fantasy within a fantasy. My favourite character was Falkor, the luckdragon. […]

  • Mains
  • Singapore Hokkien Mee (Noodle)

    Singapore Hokkien Mee

    Tweet0Pin0Share0Share0Tumble0Share0A uniquely Singaporean noodle in celebration of Singapore’s National Day. We are a few days away from Singapore’s National Day. As a schoolgirl, I looked forward to this day. I wish I could say, “for patriotic reasons”. The reality was more pragmatic: It meant we could have ‘an excursion’; this referred to a field trip taken during a school day. […]

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  • Braised Pork Belly 扣肉

    Braised Pork Belly

    Tweet0Pin0Share0Share0Tumble0Share0Spices and soy sauces turn this versatile meat into a tender and aromatic dish that melts in the mouth. There is some version of a pork belly recipe on just about every continent and in every cuisine. Maybe not in Arctic and Antarctica, unless pigs fly… and have thick fur. Until then, we have crispy pork belly, roasted pork […]

  • Mains
  • Felix’s Original Chicken Curry Laksa

    Felix Original Chicken Curry Noodles

    Tweet0Pin6Share2Share0Tumble0Share0It was a heavy, tepid evening. I was listlessly gathering the laundry which had dried crisply in the sweltering afternoon heat (I love sun dried laundry). Like a splash of water on hot sand, I suddenly craved the spiciness of Malay laksa.  You know what they say about spicy foods cooling you down on a hot day? (Read more […]

  • Mains
  • Easy Claypot Chicken Rice

    Easy Claypot Chicken Rice

    Tweet0Pin0Share0Share0Tumble0Share0Browsing through my saved recipes recently, I came across Claypot Chicken Rice on Rasa Malaysia. It brought back memories of my family’s claypot poised over a charcoal stove, slowly cooking stews, broths and savoury dinners. Smoke from the charcoal infused the food with a woodsy, smoky flavour. The claypot kept heat and moisture in long after the food was cooked. The pot was […]

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  • Okra and Tofu

    Okra and Tofu

    Tweet0Pin0Share1Share0Tumble0Share1We have a love-hate relationship with okra. Lip-smackingly good when deep fried in southern style (Hush Puppies and Fried Okra, anyone?), comfortably filling in rich gumbo, tantalizingly spicy in bhindi masala. Yet the thought of inevitable slimy fingers can be a deterrent.  Then like smoky, late afternoon rays filtering through loose, leafy canopies, I chanced […]

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  • Steamed Tofu with Ground Pork and Gogi Berries

    Steamed Tofu with Ground Pork

    Tweet0Pin0Share0Share0Tumble0Share1Tofu – the ‘miracle’ source of protein from soy that has zero fat and low in calories. Depending on what texture you are seeking, there are silken, soft, firm, rough versions and a slew more in between. There are fresh, fermented, fried, pickled ones to suit different needs. For all its versatility, tofu has only […]