Taiwanese Ground Pork Rice 卤肉饭

Taiwan Ground Pork Rice image

If you’re going to eat pork, eat it till your mouth drips. ~ Yiddish proverb ~ TAIWAN STREET FOOD SERIES – Part 2 ~ The last time we married east and west over a bucket of Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken amidst the drama of English aristocracy. Today we continue bringing the tastes of Taiwan street food into our homes in California. […]

Easy Claypot Chicken Rice

Browsing through my saved recipes recently, I came across Claypot Chicken Rice on Rasa Malaysia. It brought back memories of my family’s claypot poised over a charcoal stove, slowly cooking stews, broths and savoury dinners. Smoke from the charcoal infused the food with a woodsy, smoky flavour. The claypot kept heat and moisture in long after the food was cooked. The pot was […]

Chicken Porridge (‘chook’) 粥

Porridge (粥) is a comfort food especially on cooler evenings. I am partial to the semi-watery version, where the rice is broken into pieces but not so watery that the grains cannot be tasted. The ginger adds a nice touch of heat, countering the evening temperature. This can be eaten on its own, thanks to […]

Lor Mai Kai 糯米鸡 (Glutinous Rice with Chicken)

~ DIM SUM SERIES ~ Lor Mai Kai ( 糯米鸡 nuòmǐ jī) is a cantonese dish and a classic dim sum dish.The glutinous rice is wrapped in lotus leaf and steamed. Where lotus leaf is unavailable, dish is steamed is a bowl and tipped up-side-down onto a plate to serve. This is the version presented below. The glutinous […]

Black Glutinous Rice Porridge (Bubor Pulut Hitam)

Ingredients 1 cup black glutinous rice 5 cups water ½ cup gula melaka 100 ml coconut milk 2 slices ginger 2 pandan leaves Serves 4 1. Soak rice overnight. 2. Boil rice with pandan leaves, stirring often, till soft. 3. Stir in gula melaka. 4. Add coconut milk till heated. Serves in bowls. Top with […]