20150108_091817 just like MS Windows
Inspired by a project by Jessica Gross, I wish to catalogue my cherished moments and simple joys. In today’s world of immediate rewards and short-term fulfillment, of swipe-ups and swipe-lefts, it is easy to forget to smell the roses and be thankful for unadorned delights. I hope this list will grow in time, nurtured by age and experience. Perhaps one day, a line will just make that someone’s day just when it is most needed.  Then in the words of Mark Twain:

“I’m glad I did it, partly because it was worth it, but mostly because I shall never have to do it again.”

  1. The smell of Braised Pork gravy in the morning.
  2. A touch of cinnamon in coffee.
  3. Finding a fiver and finding someone nearby who needs it.
  4. Thinking back on the time I interviewed to be a Game Music Composer. Totally unqualified! Being courageous and ignored those negative voices in my head.
  5. Slivers of creation: Cooking a recipe endorsed by someone else, taking a good photo.


Your delights and comments will be delightful. I look forward to being delighted! 

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