All-Essential Condiment: Sambal Belachan

Always accompanying Southeast Asian food, belachan is a mainstay in cuisine from south of China, to Thailand, to Malaysia, to Singapore, to Indonesia and to reaches far and in-between. Needless to say, as Straits-cooking is a fusion of Malay, Chinese and Dutch influences, it is an essential condiment to nyonya or Peranakan food.  At its heart […]

Banana bread

This is a moister version than usual with extra fibre. Someone told me about using orange juice. I prefer it to apple sauce. I have also tried a version that includes adding 2 tbsp shredded coconut for a different bite. ½ cup butter, melted ½ cup sugar or ½ cup gula melaka ½ eggs ½ tsp vanilla essence 1½  cup all-purpose […]