Easy Claypot Chicken Rice

Browsing through my saved recipes recently, I came across Claypot Chicken Rice on Rasa Malaysia. It brought back memories of my family’s claypot poised over a charcoal stove, slowly cooking stews, broths and savoury dinners. Smoke from the charcoal infused the food with a woodsy, smoky flavour. The claypot kept heat and moisture in long after the food was cooked. The pot was […]

Chicken Porridge (‘chook’) 粥

Porridge (粥) is a comfort food especially on cooler evenings. I am partial to the semi-watery version, where the rice is broken into pieces but not so watery that the grains cannot be tasted. The ginger adds a nice touch of heat, countering the evening temperature. This can be eaten on its own, thanks to […]

Fried Taiwan noodles

It is a cool evening, heralding the beginning of fall with the leaves rewarding with sights of yellow and orange and red everywhere we turn. Cool weather needs foods that bring comfort. In this all-in-one dinner recipe that was made with available ingredients in the fridge, ginger is added for its warming effect. For the […]

Noodles with Summer Vegetables

Summer brings with it long days, sunshine, clear skies and its cornucopia of lush fruits and vegetables. Looking around my kitchen one afternoon, wondering what to make for dinner, I pondered a single leftover sun-ripened tomato-in-vine and an ear of white corn that recently left the farm. Now I can feast on corn boiled in […]

Chicken Alfredo pasta (easy)

Chicken, cubed Penne pasta Garlic, minced Mushrooms 1 jar Bertolli’s mushroom alfredo sauce Cream or half/half milk Paprika Cayenne pepper Black pepper 1 cup Parmesan cheese Cilantro, chopped Serves 2 Brown chicken and garlic. Add mushrooms. Season with paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper. Add alfredo sauce. Stir continuously. Add cream/milk and bring to near boil. […]

Pancakes with Berry Syrup

I had half a bag of mixed berries – blueberries, raspberries and cherries – left over from the ‘Afternoon of Smoothies!’. What better way to start Sunday morning than with light, fluffy pancakes and a delicious syrup of berry-goodness?  Having the pancakes in bed 🙂 Pancakes 1½ cups milk ¼ cup vinegar 2 cups all-purpose […]

Fried Bee Boon

3 bushels bee hoon ¼  handful dried shrimp 1 dried scallop 1 cup dried bean curd strips ½  cup green beans, cut into 1″ strips ¼  cup mushrooms, dried or tinned ¼  carrot, julienned 1 tsp garlic, minced 1 spring onion, sliced thinly. Save some for garnish. 1 egg 1 tsp soy sauce Fried shallots […]

Lor Mai Kai 糯米鸡 (Glutinous Rice with Chicken)

~ DIM SUM SERIES ~ Lor Mai Kai ( 糯米鸡 nuòmǐ jī) is a cantonese dish and a classic dim sum dish.The glutinous rice is wrapped in lotus leaf and steamed. Where lotus leaf is unavailable, dish is steamed is a bowl and tipped up-side-down onto a plate to serve. This is the version presented below. The glutinous […]

Sayor Lodeh

This is a Malay vegetable curry dish. You can substitute any of the vegetables. Those without a high water content works best. Traditionally, it is served over longtong/ketupat (rice cakes).  A link to Ridha’s recipe is included below.  To save time, I use adabi brand “Ketupat”, which tastes good and smells authentic. Ingredients Curry Paste […]

Vegetarian Bee Hoon

Vegetarian Bee Hoon sold in Singapore are sometimes served with some gravy poured over it. Here I used the liquid from the mushrooms to create a slightly moist bee hoon. I also added some leftover roast chicken slices. Pork can also be used for a non-vegetarian version. 200 g / 1 bushel bee hoon, pre-soaked to […]