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I am a Singaporean – a descendent of Chinese and Straits-Chinese (or Peranakan a.k.a. Baba-Nyonya) heritage, a melting pot as most Singaporeans are.  Like most Singaporeans, food is never far from my thoughts.  I am fortunate; living in San Francisco means I can usually find the foods of my childhood. Occasionally, a yearning for a particular dish will surface that can’t be found in a restaurant, or is one that involves family tradition, or is a recipe that got passed down from generations and tweaked along the way. That’s when I head to the kitchen, sometimes adapting the recipes further. Not surprisingly, most of my foods are South-East Asian in origin, with international flavours sprinkled here and there.

Ginger and Cilantro was started as a project to memorialize heritage cuisines that my family has tried and liked. Here you will find staple ingredients ranging from garlic and green onions common in Chinese cooking, to lemongrass (serai) and coconut milk (santan) common in Malay cooking, to turmeric and cumin common in Indian cooking, and of course, ginger and cilantro.

I also keep a minimalistic kitchen, part of my goal to “live simply, love generously, learn constantly”. I avoid special-use utensils, though I did give in once and sprung for a cherry pitter. My kitchen has one frying pan, 3 pots and 1 steamer. The recipes here can be made with most basic utensils found in most kitchens. I hope you will be inspired to try these dishes from a single stove top to a La Cornue Grand Palais.

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Thank you for stopping by! I hope you will stay a while and savour my world of culinary surprises, the occasional breathtaking hike, and empowering inspirations.

Welcome to Ginger and Cilantro!

~ felix

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